Blink Tutorial


If you don't blink, you might catch Whiteout users teleporting behind you before catching you in a combo. Blink allows you to move around without players seeing you move. Not blatant if not used for extreme amounts of time and used sparingly. The module bind defaults to "When held". It is intended to be bound to a key, and for the user to hold the bind while they wish to blink, then release the bind when they are finished blinking. I (zer0) bind it to my middle mouse button.

Breadcrumbs Leave a trail while blink is active, so you can remember where you aren't.
Start Location Draw a box where you started your blink.
Show Duration Display how long you've been blinking for (in ticks). If the Limit conditional is enabled, this will instead show how much time is remaining for your blink.
Limit Limit how long a blink may last.