Auto Clicker Tutorial


Whiteout's Auto-Clicker module ensures you never have to tire out your hand spamming a button thousands of times for a competitive edge.

Randomization This allows you to customize just how blatant you’d like your Auto Clicker to be! Legit which will work on all servers, Semi-Legit which will work on most servers, and Blatant which should only be used on Hypixel or servers with literally zero Auto Clicker checks.
CPS The first slider in the Auto-Clicker module is the CPS slider. The "CPS" or "Clicks Per Second", is the speed at which the module sends clicks to the game.
Whitelist This conditional enables the item whitelist feature for the module. Refer to the Core Features tutorial for more info on this.
Break Blocks If enabled, this allows you to break blocks with the clicker enabled. Upon enabling, a range slider will appear titled "Break Block Switch Delay". This is the time that the clicker waits after it was in block-break mode before resuming auto-clicking.
Inventory If enabled, the clicker will work in your inventory if either right or left shift is also held down. This allows you to quickly fill up your hotbar with items in a nodebuff-type gamemode.
Chest Like inventory mode, but for chest menus.
Blatant This changes the randomization of the clicker, removing most of the randomization entirely. Use cautiously!
Jitter This shakes your screen slightly while the module is active, simulating human clicking.
Attack Required Requires your in-game attack keybind to be pressed for the module to enable. Refer to the Core Features tutorial for more info.
Trigger Bot This module starts clicking if the mouse is over a configured entity type. Upon enabling the Trigger Bot option, a combo box appears titled "Trigger Bot Entities". Select the entities you would like the module to enable while looking at, and you're well on your way to not even having to hold left click to play the game. Upon enabling this option, a range slider titled "Trigger Bot Reaction Time" also appears. This is the time the module waits before enabling should the Trigger Bot conditions be met. If a monster walks in front of me, and I have it set to 50-75, it chooses a random value and waits that many milliseconds before reacting and starting to hit.
Disable on Use This option was added via request. If enabled, the module will disable if the in-game use keybind is pressed (right click for most people).
Remove Hit Delay

Note: This is a 1.8.9 ONLY feature! This feature removes the hit-delay that Minecraft 1.8.9 introduced. Enabling this will make you be able to click over 15 CPS without the game limiting you. Regardless, some servers still limit this server-side.