Auto Block Tutorial

Auto Block

If you are familiar with Minecraft PvP mechanics, you may know about something called "block-hitting". This makes you deal more knockback, as well as decreases the damage you take from other players. Whiteout's Auto Block module block-hits perfectly for you, every time.

General Info This module has several modes, all of which block-hit at just the right time to enhance your PvP experience. If the module is bound to right click and set to "On hold", and you're holding a sword, it will unblock until it is time to block-hit.
Mode Standalone This mode allows you to click yourself, or use a different clicker. While not as perfect as the other modes, some users may enjoy this mode as they can use their favorite auto-clickers in conjunction with Whiteout.
Auto-Clicker Sync Old This mode times the block-hit with the built-in auto-clicker. Needless to say, the Auto-Clicker module must be enabled and active for it to work. This is the mode that was in Whiteout V2.
Auto-Clicker Sync New This mode also times it with the built-in auto-clicker, however it is slightly more blatant. It also affects your movement speed significantly less. It allows you to get the fastest block-hit possible.
Block Hit Hold Only available for the Standalone and Auto-Clicker Sync Old modes, this is the time the right click for the block action is held. Generally, shorter times are preferred by most players.
Cooldown Allows you to configure a hard limit for how often a block-hit may occur.
Chance Applies a chance calculation for every scenario where a block-hit would be allowed to occur.