Fakelag Tutorial

Fake Lag

Destroy your connection to servers with Whiteout's Fake Lag module. Forget the days of using Clumsy or Netlimiter to try to gain an advantage. Besides, who wants to risk that in a screenshare? Fake Lag allows you to modify Minecraft's ingoing and outgoing traffic, with as much control as you want. Just want to increase your ping, nothing fancy? Basic mode has you covered. Want tick-specific control over just how long you lag for? Whiteout has that, too.

Warning: Modifying your outgoing traffic is risky! Test your settings on an alt, or use a highly-tested public config.

*Basic:* This mode is what most people use. Set your "Traffic Increase" value, then turn on the module and watch your ping go wild. Feeling experimental? Turn on "Outgoing" and wreak havoc (in a very blatant way, not recommended unless you're Madyro). A randomize option is also available for this mode, letting the delay you apply to your traffic be randomized.
*Advanced:* This mode gives you tick-specific control over how long lag is applied. After lagging for the "Traffic Length" value, it waits for the "Traffic Cooldown" to elapse before lagging again. This can be done for both incoming and outgoing traffic.
*Madyro:* ??? All I can say is this: try out the advanced conditional under this mode.