Anti AFK Tutorial

Anti AFK

Many servers have systems to kick inactive players to conserve server resources. This can be a mild annoyance, so Whiteout has a feature to combat that: Anti AFK.

Note: This module will be expanded on in the future, as it is rather basic at the moment.

Modes Legit This mode respects all in-game menus for all options. Recommended.
Ignore Menus This mode will do all configured actions, regardless of the inventory, escape menu, or chat being open. Use cautiously! Servers can tell you're moving illegally.
Jump If enabled, the module will randomly execute a jump in-game.
Crouch If enabled, the module will randomly execute sneaking in-game.
Idle Timer Require a certain period of inactivity before performing actions.
Idle Time To Activate This appears if Idle Timer is activated. Change this slider to change the inactivity timeout for Anti AFK to kick in.