Velocity Tutorial


Velocity is a core feature for a ghost client. It enables you to modify the knockback you take from damage sources.

Module States Velocity is a module that has module states. For more info on what these are, refer to the Core Features tutorial.
Horizontal Modifier This is the modifier that is applied to knockback in-game. If set to 80-100, knockback will be reduced by 20% maximum, and 0% minimum. There is no vertical modifier due to nearly every anti-cheat detecting vertical knockback modification. It is pointless to include, and could cause bans from unaware users.
Chance This is the chance the velocity modifier will be applied upon receiving knockback. Set to 100 to always apply velocity.
Delay This is how many in-game ticks are required to pass after receiving knockback in-game, before it applies the modifier. This helps the module bypass several anti-cheats entirely. A delay of two ticks is recommended for most anti-cheats.
Whitelist This conditional enables the item whitelist feature for the module. Refer to the Core Features tutorial for more info on this.
Attack Required Requires your in-game attack keybind to be pressed for the module to enable. Refer to the Core Features tutorial for more info.
Target Requires you to be looking at an entity to apply the velocity modifier. Good for only having Velocity work while in hit-trade situations.
Kite If not looking at an entity, Velocity will use the Kite Modifier slider value that appears when Kite is enabled. This allows you to boost the amount of knockback you take, letting you run away from fights more easily.