Themes Tutorial


Who doesn't love a fresh coat of paint? Give Whiteout a fresh look with the Themes module. Subscribe to, create, and share themes of all sorts. Whiteout's theme system functions in an almost identical way to the config system. As such, this tutorial will be a little less in-depth than the configs tutorial. Should you have any questions that aren't covered here, check the configs tutorial.

Subscribing to a Theme Press the "+" button, and press "Next" on the window that pops up. You'll be greeted with the theme browser, to subscribe to a theme, select one by clicking it, then press "Finish". The theme will now be in your theme list.
Loading a Theme To load a theme from your list, double click it. Alternatively, select it, then press the folder icon to load it.

Note: Your last loaded config will be auto-loaded when you inject Whiteout.
Creating a Theme To create a theme, press the three gears in the Themes module header to modify the current colors.
This brings up the theme creator menu. Configure the colors to be satisfactory, then press "Finish". Once everything is just how you like it, press the "+" button in the Themes module header.
Select "Create your own theme", then press "Next".
Name your theme, then set the desired visibility. You can set it to be "Public", which means that anyone can find your theme in the theme browser. If set to "Code only", only people you give your share code to will be able to subscribe to your config. If set to "Private", you will be the only one with access to your theme. Press "Finish", and you've just published your theme!
Deleting a Theme To delete a theme, select a theme that you own, then press the "-" button in the Themes module header.

Warning: Deleting a theme others are subscribed to deletes it for them as well!
Saving or Overwriting a Theme To save a theme, select it in the theme list, then press the little floppy disk icon. Whiteout will confirm you want to save it, press "Yes", and your config is now saved! Subscribers must re-launch to see changes.