Right Clicker Tutorial


Whiteout's Right-Clicker module presses your in-game use keybind rapidly for you. It also has a Fastplace mode.

CPS The first slider in the Right-Clicker module is the CPS slider. The "CPS" or "Clicks Per Second", is the speed at which the module sends clicks to the game.
Whitelist This conditional enables the item whitelist feature for the module. Refer to the Core Features tutorial for more info on this.
Fast Place
This feature removes the place delay that is enforced client-side. This allows you to place blocks extremely quickly. Due to this being detectable server-side pretty easily, it is considered blatant. Enabling it and changing the value from 5 (unmodified) will cause the module to turn red, signifying the module is now blatant. Refer to our Core Features tutorial for more info on blatant warnings. Upon enabling Fast Place, the CPS slider changes to a slider called Place Delay. 5 ticks is the default value, anything lower is a modified value. I (zer0) tend to find 3 or 2 is a nice balance between too fast and too slow.
Use Required Requires your in-game use keybind to be pressed for the module to enable. Refer to the Core Features tutorial for more info.