Reach Tutorial


A core module: used and known by every cheater since the game was created-- Reach remains many users' favorite module. Reach changes the distance you are able to hit players from. While modern anti-cheat solutions have largely made this feature obsolete in recent years, many servers still don't detect low values.

Module States Reach is a module that has module states. For more info on what these are, refer to the Core Features tutorial.
Distance This is the amount your default reach is modified to become. The module chooses a random value between your defined minimum and maximum values.
Reach Chance The chance of a hit being a reach hit. Set to 100 to have every hit be a reach hit.
Combo This conditional, if enabled, requires you to get a legit (non-reach) hit on a target before reach hits will be allowed.
Rare Distance This makes the randomization randomize more towards the minimum distance value than the maximum distance value.
Players Only Only allows reach hits on entities that are players.
Hitboxes Expands the hitboxes of entities, making them easier to hit. This allows you to hit entities without even looking at them, making it *extremely* blatant. Enabling this conditional adds a slider to the module called "Hitbox Scale". This is how much bigger the hitboxes are than default. If set to 0.1, the hitbox is 10% bigger than default. If set to 1.0, hitboxes are 100% bigger than default, or twice their normal size.
Limit Hits This feature limits the number of consecutive reach hits you are allowed to get on an entity. Enabling it makes a slider titled "Max Hits" appear. This is how many reach hits you may get in a row before the module forces a legit hit.