Movement Sprint Reset Tutorial

Movement Sprint Reset

Perhaps you've heard something about how "w-tapping" is what you need to learn, because it'll make you a god at PvP. Well, wherever you heard that, they were partially correct. They're wrong in that you don't need to learn it, as Whiteout does it perfectly for you. In addition to w-tapping, this module offers another experimental mode to help you in PvP. Tapping your forward movement key while in a fight improves your combat skill in multiple ways. First, it is resetting your sprint. The hit after you start sprinting deals more knockback on most servers. Thus, resetting your sprint after every attack allows you to deal more knockback. Second, unlike block-hitting, it doesn't slow down the rate at which you can attack. Unlike block-hitting however, you gain no damage reduction from w-tapping. While blocking, you take nearly half of the damage you would have initially-- but you can't attack!** Experienced players will alternate between the two, or use both depending on the situation and gameplay style of the opponent.
*The calculation is as follows: (original damage + 1) / 2*
Mode: WTap

*WTap Mode:*
Smart This mode taps W at just the right time, never slowing you down without need. This mode is recommended.
Spam If you are used to other cheats, this mode may be more your style. Enabling this mode gives you two more options: Range and Require Attack.
Spam: Require Attack Only spam your in-game forward key if your in-game attack keybind is pressed.
Spam: Range Only spam your in-game forward key if your target is within the specified range.
Both Modes: Cooldown Impose a hard limit on how often the module may press your forward key.
Both Modes: Chance If a tap would be allowed to occur, apply a chance calculation before allowing it.
Mode: Auto Stop:
This mode taps your backwards key when it identifies you have maneuvered a player into a combo, with the goal of keeping your distance from the target as far as possible.
Every Hit Taps your backwards key after every hit, and holds it for the specified time range. - **Disable if Hit** If actively tapping your backwards movement key, and you take damage, this lifts up S and disengages, allowing you to fight unencumbered.