Aim Assist Tutorial


This module helps you aim towards your targets. Configured properly, many users say this feels like reach!

Module States Aim-Assist is a module that has module states. For more info on what these are, refer to the Core Features tutorial.
FOV This is the window that entities are valid targets within. You can think of it as a slice of pie. Here is how I picture it in my mind:
Players that enter into my red flashlight beam are considered targets. By making my FOV setting higher, the flashlight beam gets wider.
Speed This is the strength of the assist.
Max Distance & Min Distance This is the range a target must be within to be considered a target. Here is how I picture it in my mind's eye:
The red circle is the minimum distance. The black circle is the maximum distance. Entities in-between these two circles are allowed to be considered a target for Aim-Assist.
Reaction Time This setting controls the delay applied to Aim-Assist as it responds to sudden changes of position for active targets, or switches to a new one. This feature is important to not flag good anti-cheats, and it is not recommended to set it lower than default if you are on a server with a modern anti-cheat solution.
Whitelist This conditional enables the item whitelist feature for the module. Refer to the Core Features tutorial for more info on this.
Players Only Requires targets to be a player entity type. You will usually want this enabled.
Invisibles Enabling this allows Aim-Assist to consider invisible entities as targets.

Note: Not recommended to use unless under very specific situations, as a lot of anti-cheat bots are invisible!
Team Mode This attempts to automatically identify teammates in team-based minigames. While not perfect, it works on the majority of large minigame servers. If identified as a teammate, they are not eligible to be targets. Additionally will make visuals consider these entities to be friends.
MCF MCF, or "Middle Click Friends", allows you to middle click any entity and have it be added to Whiteout's friend list (located on the Misc category tab (three gears)). Once added as a friend, until removed, they will not be eligible aim targets. Refer to the Friends tutorial for more info on the Friends functionality of Whiteout.
Vertical This allows Aim-Assist to move not just horizontally (side-to-side), but also vertically (up and down!) This finds the most optimal path to an entity, and moves helps you aim towards it quickly. Many ghost clients do not have this feature, as it can be extremely blatant if done incorrectly. Whiteout applies correct mathematical practices to ensure you will not be detected for enabling Vertical.
Multipoint One of Whiteout's flagship features, Multipoint finds the closest point on the entity hitbox, and helps you aim towards it. Having trouble understanding what that means? Here's a picture: (who doesn't like those?)
The orange X is where the crosshair would move without Multipoint enabled. The red X is where the crosshair would move with Multipoint enabled. That point is significantly closer to your player position, and will be possible to hit before the orange x would be if they are more than 3 blocks away. This is why Multipoint is powerful!

Note: Vertical and Multipoint work together! It is also not blatant to use both, as we have powerful randomization techniques to keep you unbanned and safe while using Whiteout.
Attack Required Requires your in-game attack keybind to be pressed for the module to enable. Refer to the Core Features tutorial for more info.