Entity Esp Tutorial

Entity ESP

Improve your game-sense by gathering more information about player and entity locations with Whiteout's Entity ESP module.

Note: Enable anti-bot in the Combat category if ESP is highlighting a lot of entities in the sky
Module States Entity ESP is a module that has module states. Use this to configure different ESP settings for different Entity Types. For more info on what these are, refer to the Core Features tutorial.
Limit Range Limit the range Entity ESP highlights entities within. Improves performance on less than ideal hardware.
2D Box Draws a 2D box on entities in the world.
3D Box Draws a 3D box with outlines on entities in the world.
Health Draws a health bar next to entities in the world. Some servers spoof the health value of other entities, so this only works on some servers.
Circle Draws a circle around entities signifying how far they are able to reach. Good for training PvP skills.
Direction Draws a line where entities are looking.
Invisibles If enabled, invisible entities will also be highlighted.
Tracers Draws a line to entities originating from your crosshair.