Whiteout Ghost Client

Whiteout is a premium ghost client focusing on client-side and server-side undetectability. Whiteout has been in development since 2018 and is constantly being updated. Let's face it, in 2020, it's all about user experience. Whiteout is proud to offer one of the best user experiences on the market, with shareable cloud configs, a responsive and helpful support team, and much more.



Never get detected for autoclicking again. Our clicker is more than a standard uniform distribution randomizer.

Aim Assist

Our aim assist module is highly configurable and one of the smoothest out there.

Right Click Autoclicker

Want to be able to breezily bridge? Rush mid on Skywars? Place blocks quickly with this.


Whiteout has its own unique reach method, with multiple settings to enable you to create bypassing configs for any server.


Makes enemy hitboxes larger. This is one of our more blatant features. Good for bad minigame servers.


Take less knockback! Our velocity is undetected on many servers. Destroy in Sumo gamemodes with this.


Throws health pots with a configurable delay so you don't have to. A must for PotPVP gamemodes.


This is another of our blatant features. This speeds up the entire game (or slows it down).

Bridge Assist

This module automatically ninja bridges for you. Excellent for Bedwars.


This allows you to see players through walls. Very good for UHC gamemodes.

Cloud Configs

Never guess what settings to use again. Use, create and share configs with Whiteout.

Self Destruct

As a ghost client, this is one of our core modules. This allows you to be undetected in any screenshare out there.


Purchasing Whiteout is a worry-free experience. For the trial plan, if you have any problems within 24 hours of purchase, we will offer you a full refund.

Meet our Team


Developer Extraordinaire


Marketer, Manager, Representative, Head Staff


Will shout at you for fun.


Senior Staff


Q: Does this bypass ___ screenshare tool?

A: Whiteout has been bypassing every screenshare tool for months. In the last year, there have only been 2 detections, both of which were patched within 3 days. Bypassing all screenshare tools and methods is our number one priority.

Q: What versions does Whiteout support?

A: Whiteout supports 1.7.10 and 1.8.9 on Vanilla, Forge and BLC. At the moment, we do not support client side anticheats (CSAs).

Q: Is this tied to my IP?

A: No. Whiteout accounts are tied to your HWID (a set of unique computer identifiers), not your IP as well.

Q: Am I able to reset my HWID?

A: Yes, you may periodically reset your HWID. This is useful if you are going to upgrade or get a new computer.

Q: Do you have a Discord server?

A: Yes! Come hang out with our customers, ask questions about cheating, and more. https://whiteout.lol/discord

Q: Why the price?

A: When purchasing a ghost client, you're investing in a team of people that will constantly monitor detections, and patch them. That's what you get when you buy Whiteout: unparalleled dedication to your user experience by keeping you unbanned, and adding quality of life updates.