Whiteout V3

Whiteout is a premium Minecraft ghost client developed for bypassing both clientside screenshares and serverside anticheat solutions. Whiteout has been in constant development for over 2 years, with each update making the client better than the last. Buy now and experience a new era of block game cheats.

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Fake Lag

Forget using Clumsy or Netlimiter to destroy your connection, use Whiteout instead. Whiteout allows you to modify your incoming and outgoing traffic with several different modes, all while only affecting Minecraft. Stream or chat on your favorite voicechat application while Whiteout destroys your ping.


Our multipoint aim assist feature helps you aim towards the closest point on the target hitbox, ensuring you always get that first hit.

Cloud Configs

Never guess what the best settings to use on your favorite Minecraft server are again; Whiteout has you covered. Download, create and share configs for Whiteout with the built-in config browser. Search for configs made by other players, or download a staff-approved config so you know you'll remain unbanned.

All Modules

A full list of all of Whiteout's modules.


Save your fingers with Whiteout's highly customizable auto-clicker. Pressing your mouse button thousands of times is a task for robots-- not humans.


Want to have the aim of your favorite YouTuber? Whiteout's aim-assist module will help you aim towards your targets.


Place blocks and use items faster than ever before with our right click auto-clicker. Not satisfied? Place them faster than humanly possible by enabling fastplace!


Exasperated because someone out-reached you, yet again? Inject new energy into those tired arms of yours by extending them a bit with Whiteout's reach module.


Forget how to turn on the aim-assist module? Hit your targets more easily by expanding their hitboxes.


Never fall off of an edge again with our velocity module. The velocity module lets you choose just how much knockback you'd like to take-- you can even take more than originally!

Use Item

Throw health pots perfectly with the Use Item module. This module switches to a specified item, uses it, then switches back to the original slot.


Do you desire a faster (or slower) blockgame experience? Speed up or slow down the entire game!

Bridge Assist

Whiteout's bridge assist module helps you create perfect bridges, every time. Bridge in any direction-- even diagonally! With multiple modes, you can't go wrong with Whiteout.


Stop squinting at faintly rendered nametags, and light up your world with Whiteout's ESP module. Boasting tracers, health, box, 3D box, and many other modes; Whiteout ensures you always have the best game sense around.

Cloud Configs

Ok you get it, we've got lots of features. They all sound overwhelming! With our cloud configs, you can choose a premade config for the server of your choice. Make a killer config you want to share? You can upload it and let your friends try it out!

Self Destruct

If you are suspected of playing with illegal game modifications, we have several measures to ensure you will bypass a screenshare. Simply close the cheat, and it will clean all traces of itself ever running.


Reset your sprint perfectly with Whiteout's wtap module. With two modes, Smart and Spam, Whiteout has all of the functionality you're used to-- and more!

Auto Block

Take less damage and deal more knockback with the auto block module. This module block hits perfectly for you, every time.

Anti AFK

Are you a distracted or busy individual without as much time as you'd like to play Minecraft? Feel free to step away from the keyboard and Whiteout will make sure you don't get kicked for inactivity.

Block ESP

Having trouble finding diamonds? Wondering what sort of bed defense your opponent has in Bed Wars? Whiteout's block ESP module can help you out.

Array List

Show off what Whiteout modules you have enabled with the array list. Configure a glowing, breathing, chroma-infested list of module names at any location on your screen with the array list module.


Never guess if there is a player behind you with the radar module. This module allows you to gain a better sense of who is around you by displaying a radar on your screen.

Borderless Fullscreen

Have you always been frustrated at the lack of such a basic feature? Whiteout fixes this, enabling you to play while distracted by as many different applications as your heart desires.

FOV Changer

Change your field of view outside of normal limits with the fov changer module.

Auto Tool

This module automatically switches to the best tool for the job. Hold down left click and let Whiteout do the work for you.

Auto Weapon

Ever wonder what weapon in your hotbar deals the most damage? Well, stop wondering. Auto weapon determines the best weapon for the entity you're attacking, and switches to it.

Chat Bypass

Express yourself freely on large minigame servers with Whiteout's chat bypass module.

Auto Soup

Are you a soup pvp player? This module switches to and consumes stew automatically based on your health.

Fake Lag

Modify your connection without compromising the connection of other applications with the fake lag module. Featuring several modes and options, you can ruin your connection in any way you please.


Teleport around with Whiteout's blink module. Players will never guess where you are!

Disable Scrolling

This module disables your scroll wheel in-game, if you'd want to do that for some reason.


Create, share and download new GUI themes for Whiteout with the theme creator.

Supported Clients


1.7.10 Bape


1.7.10 - 1.8.9

Badlion 2.0

1.7.10 - 1.8.9


1.7.10 - 1.8.9

PvP Lounge



1.7.10 - 1.8.9


Q: Does this bypass X screenshare tool?

A: Whiteout has bypassed every public screenshare tool for over a year (and counting!) In the event a detection method arises, we will rush to fix it faster than you'll probably even notice it. We put your safety first.

Q: Is Whiteout tied to my IP address?

A: Whiteout is not locked to your IP address. Feel free to use any VPN or proxy solution while playing the game.

Q: I don't see a feature I want. Will you add it?

A: Make a support ticket and ask! We love hearing what features you want and will add it if we think it's a good idea.

Q: You don't support my favorite version?!?

A: We are constantly adding support for new verisons. Open a ticket and ask if we'll add support for whatever version you would like, and we'll look into it.

Q: Will this get me banned on ______?

A: Whiteout can be configured to bypass anywhere. Check the config browser for the server you play on, and select a config made by a staff member (staff names are red in the config browser). If you can't find one, make a support ticket and ask!

Q: Is this good for minigames?

A: Regardless of if you're a Bedwars, Skywars, Eggwars, Bridge, or Skyblock player, we've got features that will definitely enhance your experience.

Q: I need help with a module

A: We have guides on every single module and more!